Entry Requirements


“Noble Straight Egyptian Arabian Breeders Festival

The concept of the Noble Straight Egyptian Arabian Horse Breeders Festival 2020 is as below :

The breeder can participate and enter his/her horse/horses according to one or more of the below two following categories:

  • 1- Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallions (minimum 3 years old).

General Condition:

The Stallions have to be either owned or leased by persons with European citizenship or in possession of a permanent residence permit, who owns and operates a stud farm for Straight Egyptian Arabians in Europe.

1-a) Stallions without offspring .

Stallions will be shown individually in hand or under saddle and in a Stallion Parade (in hand only).Or the stallion can be shown with a mare or other stallion to tease with the presented stallions.

1-b) Stallions with a minimum of two and maximum five offspring.


The stallions will be shown with their offspring and in a Stallion Parade (in hand only). Liberty presentation of Stallions is not recommended but possible under full liability and responsibility of the Stallion owner.

  • 2- Straight Egyptian Arabian Mares & Family.

General Condition:
The Mares have to be owned by persons with European citizenship or in possession of a residence permit, who own and operate a stud farm for Straight Egyptian Arabians in Europe.
The following options are possible:

2-a) Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare Families.

A mare with at least two offspring (own daughters or sons, or an own daughter or son with one granddaughter/son). In case of a daughter/son or granddaughter/son having been sold, the new owner may enter the horse to complete the mare’s family group. In such cases several breeders/owners may put together a family group. In case the ‘foundation mare’ of the family is either no longer alive or old and therefore not in the condition to be shown, at least 3 representatives of the mare (daughters or sons and / or grand daughters or sons) need to be shown.

In hand and liberty.
In general the horse to be shown only one time In case an offspring is presented with both, its sire in category 1 ) and its dam in category 2 , it may only be shown once in liberty.

2-b) Group of homebred Straight Egyptian Arabians.

A minimum of FOUR Straight Egyptian Arabians which represent the breeding program of the farm. Not more than two males shall be included in the group

In hand and liberty In case an offspring is presented with both its sire and its dam, it may only be shown once in liberty.

Please note: Stallions can be shown in all categories if they fulfill the above-mentioned requirements.

  • The registrations for horses start from the first of March till the end of June 2020.
  • All horses must be free from infection and from a home stock free of epidemic diseases.
  • They must be effectively vaccinated against Influenza.
  • The maximum number of the participated horses per each breeder to be agreed and defined mutually in later stage upon the availability of time and space.
  • Multiple owners can create a group to represent the breeding program.
  • One groom of the participant to be on-side per 4 horses.
  • Participants are advised to ensure having the health or such travel documents for their horses, which might be required to cross the border to the Netherlands.
  • The Organizing Team has the right to limit the numbers of participants and aims to have a maximum of diversity with the Straight Egyptian strains and families.
  • Grain food for the horses shall be provided by the owner/participant.
  • Water, hay, bedding material (only straw) will be available at the venue.
  • Stable equipment has to be provided by the exhibitors/participants.
  • Grooms shall assist their colleagues in presenting each group of horses, in order to create a fluent presentation of the individual breeders’ program. A briefing for the grooms/handlers shall be held on the day before the Festival.
  • It shall be clear that this is not a horse show, no tensed stand-up is required. Horses only have to behave correctly and shall be presented in a relax atmosphere.
  • Dress Code: The organizing team requests the grooms and handlers who are presenting the horses to wear dark jeans and the organizing team will provide them polo shirts with NOBLE logo.
  • A catalogue will be created with information on the festival, the participating stud farms, and the horses; the information required from each participant are the following:
    – One photo of the stud in high resolution with stud logo and contact info to be used by Noble team for the design of the catalogue.
    – The written information on the participating horses: their breeding program (including the dame line, name, color, DOB, breeder, owner, strain & family,3 generation pedigree).
    – The above requirements for the catalogue are to be sent kindly before the first of July.
  • The participant may also bring his stud/farm brochures.
  • The organization and the owner and team of Sham Stables are not liable for damages and accidents to participants, grooms, audience or fittings, nor are they liable for theft.
  • No compensation for transport costs will be granted.
  • Kindly the participated horses to be arrived latest before 21:00 O’clock on 14th August.

Information for entries including the closing date can be found on the website.
To assist with the catering and planning for exhibitors and visitors, please it is required to register your name and the name(s) anyone else you are bringing at the website Communication for the registration of the horses and relevant clarification is with:

Mr. Geert Oben.

Mobile: + 31 6 18 33 74 44

E-mail: [email protected]

The Organizing Committee and Honorary Board is looking forward to welcome you and your horses on the weekend of 15th & 16th August 2020 at Sham Stables in Lochem, the Netherlands

With best regards,
Noble Festival Team