Online Entry

We kindly invite you to carefully read the Entry Requirements and instructions here.

To enter your horses, please fill in the online form below. Entries for horses registration
open the first of March and run till the end of June.

Alternatively, the entry form is also available as PDF download.
You can print it out and e-mail the completed entry form to [email protected]

Participant Information

    Horse(s) Information

    Please provide us with information about your horses.
    You can enter up to 10 horses (click the + ADD HORSE to populate addition horse fields).


      • In which class(es) do you want to present your horses. You can find more details about each class in the Entry Requirements section on the website.

        CLASS 1) Stallions without offspringCLASS 2) Stallions with a minimum of two and maximum five offspring.CLASS 3) Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare Families.CLASS 4) Group of homebred Straight Egyptian Arabians.